My goal is to take simple home and commercial maintenance items off your plate so you can work on doing things you enjoy. My primary focus centers on installation of items or minor repairs of existing ones. I am also open to helping with other odd jobs around your home.

Examples of services include:

  1. Light fixture replacement
  2. Ceiling fan replacement
  3. Appliance installation
  4. Garbage disposal installation
  5. Curtain and towel rod installation
  6. Faucet installation
  7. TV mounting
  8. Unclogging toilets and drains
  9. Toilet installation and repair
  10. Baby proofing homes
  11. Furniture assembly (including hauling or pickup)
  1. Picture hanging
  2. High ceiling light bulb replacement
  3. Smoke detector replacement
  4. Gutter cleaning
  5. Pressure washing
  6. Trash can/dumpster cleaning
  7. Small to medium tree trimming/removal
  8. Yardwork
  9. Any other odd jobs….please ask!
How It Works

I can usually install the materials you purchase or procure materials for reimbursement. There is no mark-up on materials or products. I prefer to offer quotes but can provide an hourly rate upon request.

Integrity First

I am a registered LLC. and insured for your protection. I am NOT a general contractor, certified plumber or licensed electrician. However, most basic home repairs do not require those licenses in Texas. If your job requires a level of service outside of my scope, I will recommend that you seek out the right professional for the job.


As a young man l gained my experience working alongside my father who was a master plumber and a maintenance supervisor. Currently, I live in the Roanoke area and desire to put my home maintenance skills to work serving our community. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my amazing wife and our four wonderful children.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.


Call Or Text

(940) 373-1319